JPIV (PIV-STD Project)

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When you use the PIV Standard Images on your paper please refer the following papers.

for 2D and Custom made PIV Images
Okamoto, K., Nishio, S., Saga, T. and Kobayashi, T., 2000, "Standard images for particle-image velocimetry," Meas. Sci. Technol., 11, 685-691.

for 3D and Stereo PIV Images
Okamoto, K., Nishio, S., Kobayashi, T., Saga, T., Takehara, K., 2000, "Evaluation of the 3D-PIV Standard Images (PIV-STD Project)," J. Visualization, 3-2, 115-124.

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Revised Custom Made Images[CM2] (Dec.,1998)
(upper limit of particles number is 100,000(Dec.1999))
(temporary unavailable(April, 2005))
3D Standard Images(April, 1998)
(Stereo-PIV images are modified (Dec.1999))
Standard Images had a problem, now fixed(June, 1999)


Particle Imaging Velocimetry (PIV) offers many advantages for the study of fluid flows. Lots of PIV techniques and PIV systems had been developed. However, there are no standard evaluation tools for the effectiveness and accuracy of PIV systems.
The current status of the PIV technique is far from the popularization or generalization technique. To popularize the PIV technique for practical use, the PIV standards and the PIV guide tools should be settled. With using the PIV standards, any user can easily apply the PIV technique onto their target flow field with the accuracy information.
The objectives of the PIV-STD Project is to develop the PIV standards and PIV guide tools, and to popularize the PIV techniques.


  1. Standard Images
    In order to check the effectiveness of the Image Processing Algorithms, the standard images are provided by the PIV-STD Project. Anybody can download and analyse the Standard images for any purpose.
    The Custom-made standard images are also provided. The new version is available now.
    The users can select the image parameters, e.g., laser light thickness and time interval. The users can easily generate the standard images with any image parameters.
    For Three-dimensional Standard Images, new standard images are now available.

Forth International Symposium on Particle Imaging Velocimetry will be held on September 17-19, 2001 at Goettingen, Germany
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